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Reasons Why Wavefront Technology Drives the Cost of Lasik Up

The use of wavefront technology for Custom Lasik surgery is still quite a new procedure that presents definite advantages compared to conventional Lasik surgery. This wavefront technology development of Custom Lasik utilizes a gadget that can make more dimensions of the eye, making measurements more precise than the conventional Lasik.

The advantage of this is that the Lasik operation will be customized to your eye even more than by using the traditional style. The wavefront technology also more beneficial than the old method, because it enables it to keep up with the rapid movement of the eye which normally makes up for more precise measurements that largely minimizes potential post-op complications.

Considering the advanced methodology of Custom Lasik, and the benefits it affords the patient, the added price becomes very negligible in comparison to the benefits of the conventional Lasik. These are the important factors which make Custom Lasik very functional:

In using the Custom Lasik, it is a requisite for the doctor and his staff to give more time for analysis and assessment before the surgery on top of to the essential groundwork when doing a more sophisticated procedure.

The wavefront apparatus costs more than apparatus utilized for the conventional Lasik surgery. Consequently, this affects the operating expenses for the procurement or lease and upkeep of the wavefront apparatus. More materials might be necessary to complement the apparatus.

The company manufacturing the apparatus is also paid a royalty every time the wavefront equipment is used. So additional expenses are pegged by the clinic compared to using the customary method.

Time factors

The Wavefront is the upshot of the NASA research; it is the only equipment capable of measuring the amount of light taken in and bounced back by the patient's eye. The 200 distinctive measurements that it makes per eye will give a three dimensional mapping of the cornea. Contrarily, the conventional Lasik can only do three measurements.

The Lasik surgeon and his staff will use up at the minimum one hour more on the Custom Lasik patient than they would with a traditional Lasik patient and time equates to money. The added period will be spent in assessing your condition to determine if you are qualified for the procedure. The operation and monitoring of the equipment in the course of the wavefront mapping process and the actual operation will take longer due to the intricacy of the process.

Cost of the Device

The extra cash outlay necessary for a Laser center to do the Custom Lasik operation adds up to more than $100,000.00. On top of that, the surgery center will have to procure special materials to conform to the specific requirement of every Custom Lasik operation; this can push the price up to another additional hundred dollars for every patient.


It is part of normal industry practice to pay a fee to the maker of the Lasik tool for each piece of Lasik tool, per utilization, per eye. The fee for the wavefront typically ranges, from $140.00 to $250.00 $140.00 to $250.00 per operation per eye, contingent upon the agreement between the eye center and the maker. A fraction of of the royalty will enable the the maker to recoup expenses for research and development.

In addition to the operating cost, below is a list of other expenses that will be incurred:

  • Gowns, masks, gloves and other required basic supplies to maintain the process germ-free.
  • Microkeratome blades, surgical solutions and medications used during the surgery.
  • Operational costs of the eye center, which consist of office and surgical staff remuneration and compensation, lease, office equipment and administrative costs.
  • Other costs pertaining to patient acquisition, such as advertising, seminars, co-management fees paid to other eye care professionals.
  • Insurance coverage for the facilities, equipment and possile legal suits for negligence
  • Costs for equipment rental or procurement of other paraphernalia necessary to the procedures.
  • Royalty fees to equipment manufacturers for other Lasik equipment.

Knowing and understanding fully well what drives up the cost of the Custom Lasik and the complexity of the Wavefront apparatus, will enable you to better appreciate the reasons and the necessity of putting up the cost of the Custom Lasik compared to the conventional Lasik.


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