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The Top Ten Should Be Asked Questions Before Undergoing Lasik

The eyesight is very important. So when you are contemplating of undergoing the Lasik eyeseight vision procedure, you would want to be positive that you have done the right thing by you.

A good number of people undergo the Lasik procedure with a high rate of success. The Lasik procedure aims to be facilitate treatment of eyesight defects to improve their vision of a lot of people. Lasik is a fast and painless procedure and most people achieve better vision right after the completion of the surgery.

If you will ask the doctors, they prefer to deal with patients who are knowledgeable of the process and have reasonable expectations about the possible end result. A reputable Lasik doctor will thoroughly examine your eyes and gather all your medical history before deciding if you qualify for the surgery and it is the best option you have.

Being the patient, you ought to be well aware of the benefits and the risks and the complications as well before you proceed with the surgery. Whereas majority of the people who have experienced the surgery had good results, some experience the contrary, such as reduced vision at night time and daytime and incur eye infection after the surgery.

Having made that all important decision who your Lasik eye surgeon will be, you should take it upon yourself to ask relevant questions before you schedule the date of surgery. Having answers to all your questions will aid in the success of the Lasik Vision eyesight procedure.

Am I qualified for Lasik procedure?

Your Lasik surgeon will assess whether you are qualified to undergo the procedure or not. It is a fact that patients who have been assessed as unqualified for Lasik and still go through with the procedure end up with complications. The doctor should have full knowledge of the medical history and other health problems of the patient before consenting to the operation.

How long will it take for me to recuperate from the operation?

This is a vital information to infquir from your Lasik surgeon because Lasik surgeons have different conditions regarding healing period. Depending on the extent of your surgery, it may take a longer time for you to recover. It will be good if you can also take a longer time off from yur job.

How much do I have to pay for the entire Lasik procedure package?

Cost for the Lasik survery is not the same for all the doctors and the location where you intend to have the procedure done is also a factor. The extent of your eye’s defect will also play a factor in the cost. You may have to prepare a minimum of $2,000 just for the basic cost alone.

What does the cost Lasik surgery package include?

Generally, doctors include all the costs pertaining to your Lasik surgery. Still, ask for the breakdown of the costs so you will know item for item what the cost is covers. Take note of all the computations to be sure that all charges are upfront and no unexplained expenses are included there.

Do you have financing plans?

As previously mentioned, most insurance plans do not include Lasik procedure in their coverage. Unless you have $2,000 on hand, you should inquire about financing plans that could be made available to you.

What Lasik method will be used?

There are several Lasik surgery methods available. Your chosen doctor might be specialized in one method or in several methods. You have to be certain that the procedure that will be used on you will be the one that is most suited for your condition and that the Lasik surgeon is experienced in the method.

What could happen in the course of the surgery?

You should be briefed on the step by step procedure of the surgery so you will know how to manage your expectations. Generally, patients stay conscious during the entire procedure and are just given an eye drop to anesthetize the area around the eye. For those who are quite queasy with the surgical procedure, a mild tranquilizer can be administered to relax them during the procedure.

What is there to look forward to after the surgery?

It is crucial for the patient to be able to deal with his or her expectations after the surgery. For some, the surgery and the healing period will be a breeze. But others might not have it as easy as they may experience some problems or pains and your doctor should ensure that you are aware of all the consequences before the procedure.

What possible danger and side effects can I have if I undergo the procedure?

While most people have successful results with the Lasik surgery operation, as in all surgeries, the risks and complications are always a possibility. It will be favorable for both the patient and the doctor for the patient to have a full understanding of such possibilities.

What should you do after the post-operation?

After the surgery, your doctor will give you a list of what to do and not to do to prevent side effects of complications. Your doctor should also talk to you about the right time to return to work and the extent of your physical activities that you should take on. Additionally, you will be told when you can start wearing make up, or using cleansing agensts or cosmetics on your face. It is also important to know the schedule of your post-op care follow-ups.



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