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Tips on What a Good Lasik Eye Surgeon Should NOT Be

Contradictory as it may seem, the information explosion about Lasik surgery and the growing number of doctors specializing in the Lasik surgery field has made it all the more confusing for the first-time patient to decide on whom to choose to do their Lasik surgery. Various tempting offers, claims and recommendations for Lasik doctors are not much help either. While trying to process all these information that will hopefully educate you to help choose the right surgeon, you will have to do some faithful research and sift the information so you could narrow them down to a more manageable data. I would like to share with you two tips what NOT to do when deciding who is the best Lasik eye surgeon to employ.

Price: Lasik is costly, although not as costly as before, but still not as affordable to many people. Since Lasik surgery is considered as an elective procedure most health insurance do not cover it. Taking these two factors into consideration, big clinics are offering financing package. For some clinics offering temptingly low prices, you have to be resolute NOT to give in, that is, until you have considered all the other factors.

Promotional claims: Sadly, some Lasik surgeons make so many guarantees in their advertorials that are quite deceptive. The pictures, statements and testimonials used make Lasik seem as easy and simple as having a pedicure and that he or she is greatest surgeon in the whole world. This Lasik surgeon could really be one of the best in the field or the statements may just be so exaggerated for publicity. Lasik is an amazing medical advancement but it is not as uncomplicated as they want it to appear. Lasik is a very sophisticated surgical procedure that requires expert and precise use of two very complex equipment. So decide for yourself if you actually want to entrust your eyes, in the hands of this surgeon based on his advertisements that could have been put together by a spokesperson and a polished copywriter hired by an unscrupulous doctor.

This is a better approcah: As soon as you have decided that the advertisements are so hyped and cost is not your main factor in choosing a Lasik surgeon, then you are now equipped with the following pointers that will guide you in deciding correctly.

Research: There are a lot of books, pamphlets, and reliable internet sites where you can get direct information regarding the basic Lasik as well as the risks and complications that come with the procedure and what results can you look forward to if the procedure is successful. Gather as much data as you can not only for your knowledge but also for reference when you have your first appointment with the eye doctor. A tip on Internet inquries: Lasik was approved by the FDA in 1998. From that that period, numerous of developments in the procedure were implemented in theapparatus as well as in the prerequisite for patient selection. You have to be certain that the materials you read are updated facts. It is hard to determine how recently posted many of the materials are in the internet.

The eye doctors in your area: One useful and trustworhty site that you can checkout is the one of The American Academy of Ophthalmology. The website is mainly dedicated to their member Ophthalmologists but it also has informative links to eye care and searches for members of the academy located in your area.

Look for the FACS accreditation. The letters FACS affixed after the surgeon’s name denotes that the doctor belongs to the prestigious 'Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.' Surgeons with the FACS title have been meticulously assessed in the fields of education, training, experience, porficiency and ethics. Apparently, a Lasik surgeon with this designation is highly qualified to do the procedure.

Inquire from your eye doctor: If you are contemplating to undergo Lasik, then your optometrist might give you a good referral for a Lasik surgeon.

Consultations: After getting a number of qualified Lasik surgeons in your area from your research, schedule meetings with all the doctos in your list. Also have a ready record of clarifications and concerns so you can ask them in your meeting with the surgeons. After each consultation and your concerns have been answered, request to be toured within the center and take note of the clinic’s operation. By doing this, you will be able to have some impressions on the surgeon, the facilities and the staff. Write down all your impressions so you can review them later when you are already collating all the information and impressions you have gathered. Finally, you will be able to narrow down your choice to the Lasik surgeon who has won your trust.



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