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Reference Materials for Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

These are the following materials which can give you references for your research on the Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure:

  • Internet
  • Magazines
  • Medical periodicals
  • Former Lasik patients

The internet could be the source of information for Lasik eye surgical process. Search engines such as can give you information on any topic under the sun. The key word “Lasik” will render as much as four million websites! That is right, four million. Narrow down your search by giving a definite topic, such as “Lasik pricing”. Even this topic will give you two hundred thousand results. You can search for local surgeons that do Lasik in your location.

Searching for a Lasik in Shreveport, Louisiana will give you fifty three thousand results. So you see, you can make use of any search engine and it will render scores of results. You may not find it in your first attempt but you will eventually be led to the right direction. The internet can answer all your basic questions about Lasik, the procedure, side effects, costing, among others. You will even encounter more information than you thought you needed. So start your search using the internet.

Magazines come in second for source materials for Lasik. In the waiting room of most doctors or dentists you will see lots of medical magazines. These magazines abound with articles discussing new technologies and innovations in medical science. Doctors are businessmen too and would have to make money, so they will be advertising in these magazines.

The disadvantage of using magazines as source materials is it is not classified in such a way that you can look for by subject matter. You might have to go through a number of magazines before you can find the information that you need. On the other hand, magazines zero in on specific topics and they are excellent attention getter so you can really take note of the certain innovations that you can further research on using the internet.

Medical journals are also good source materials that are often ignored by many. Generally you can find there detailed information regarding a medical procedure. Yet, medical periodicals are so technical and not so layman friendly. Notwithstanding, this downside, they are still an excellent source of information and just like the magazine, it can give you a lead what topic to search for in the internet.

Another excellent source of information is the actual feedback from people who have had Lasik. You can request your doctor for a list of patients who have undergone Lasik and are willing to give their opinion or feedback to prospective patients. Normally, these people will give you useful information based on their actual experience. They could tell you what the internet and the doctors failed to tell you. They could recount how the operation felt like and what after effects they experienced and if they got their money’s worth. Of course, you have to talk to as many persons as you can so you have well-rounded information. You could also ask your friends and acquaintances if they know somebody who has undergone the Lasik surgery.

The four references I have discussed above could well be the best referrals you can have on Lasik. The internet, so far, has the largest data and you can access it very easily, but as discussed, the others have also much valuable information to offer. They have been in existence before the age of internet and will still be there after a long, long time.

You cannot dismiss the possible contributions they could give you as far as information is concerned. If you make use of all these referrals, you will be well armed when you go and talk to your doctor and you can judge if he or she is just after your money or if he or she sincerely wants to help you restore your vision. Once the doctor knows that you are not entirely clueless about the whole procedure, then you have set your parameters and you can start seriously discussing your surgery. Knowledge is power, so they say and in this situation, this adage is very true.


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