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Things You Need to Know About Lasik With Intralase

Every Lasik surgery begins with the same procedure. A flap will be cut in the corneal tissue, which not so long ago will be manually done with the use of an osculating blade. But with the invention of or Intralase, the procedure becomes 100 times more precise as the Intralase replaces the handheld blade with a computer aided blade. This accounts for a safer surgery. The use of Intralase has improved the success rate of surgery by four times resulting to more people achieving their coveted 20/20 vision. For this reason, the blade-free method is much more favored than the conventional method of surgery. Scarring the cornea, which can severely damage the vision, would now be a rare occurrence.

With the invention of the Intralase, complications that may come with the surgery have been largely lessened. Many patients suffer from heightened sensitivity to light following surgery. The condition is known as photophobia. When using the Intralese the occurrence of photophobia after surgery is only 1%, much lower than the 20% ratio when the using the old method.

Most doctors are in the same opinion that Intralase is definitely an excellent improvement over the traditional Lasik surgery. Photophobia is a temporary condition that can be remedied with steroid eye drops over a few weeks. This is just one side effect when using the Intralese in contrast to the many complications that the patient may suffer with the traditional Lasik.

Like all scientific innovations, Intralese comes at a very expensive package. The added assurance of safety and accuracy puts an additional cost of almost three hundred dollars to an already expensive procedure. Generally, insurance companies do not cover the cost of Lasik eye surgery, thus this extra cost will still be shouldered by you.

As we have introduced you to Intralese's enhanced accuracy and safety, I would like to tell you how it works. Intralese is a computer guided laser light pulses used to create a corneal flap. The laser laser light which is guuided by a computer creates three bubble-like cuts in the middle layer of the cornea in accordance to a prescribed precise depth and position beneath the surface of the eye depending on the prescription of your doctor.Afterwads, the surgeon will return the flap to reshape the cornea to correct the eyesight and astigmatism as diagnosed.

The innovations brought about by the Intralase give eye patients who were not qualified for Lasik eye surgery before an opportunity to have the 20/20 vision they so dream of. As this is a 100% blade-free procedure, more people can now be eligible for surgery.

This progress in eye surgery has a lot people who were not so convinced to "go under the knife" so to speak are now reconsidering this option. Being a 100% blade-free procedure makes it safer and more precise than the traditional Lasik. A lot of people have regained their courage and had the procedure done. The extra cost is well worth it considering the elimination of risks.

So if you are thinking of having a Lasik surgery, you should also look into the option of using the Intralase method. The extra cost could mean a whole world of difference between having a 20/20 vision and having a scarred cornea. Make a decision based on all the information you have. Learning and understanding all the information you have is the means to making the correct decision.

Lasik with Intralese is the most precise and safest method of eye surgery being offered today. But then again not all can have Lasik. Discuss with your doctor the treatment that would be most suited for your condition. It is very important Engage your doctor in a thorough discussion of the procedure before undertaking any form of operation and your chosen surgeon, who is hopefully a reputable one, would be in the best position to decide if the best option for you is Lasik surgery.

As it is, there might be other ways of correcting your vision. Being thorough in your inquiries will not hurt you, especially your eyes. Still, if have been disqualfied for the procedure and yet you want to have it very badly, you can take steps to reverse your condition and eventually make adjustments so you can qualify for the surgery.


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