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Lasik Testimonials Are A Necessity

Millions of people who either have benefited from the Lasik technology or consider themselves victims of the procedure have produced testimonials for varying reasons. Some issue testimonials to praise the procedure, others to discredit it. Both sides are assumed to be telling the truth but their observations of course, come from different sides of the fence. You could get the real picture of the Lasik procedure when all the feedbacks from the patients are taken together.

Positive testimonials give account of the people's enhanced quality of life as a result of having the surgery. Patients who have had eyesight problems since they were very young now have almost perfect vision. On the other hand, there are criticisms from mild disapproval because of unachieved expectations to severe criticisms because of experienced severe side effects after the procedure, then there are extreme case of really, really bad outcomes.

From the Lasik surgeon's point of view, a patient's positive testimonial is of great value because it is a proof that they are responsible for the improvement of this person's eyesight and life and that patient is so happy with the result and has acquiesced to promote the eye center.

From your point of view as a possible Lasik patient, the testimonials and criticisms should both be assessed and taken a face value. These in essence are not mere hypes and criticisms from individuals as much as they are the individual stories that will become a part of the documents of "The History of Lasik".

Human nature is peculiarly captivated by tragic tales than by triumphant accounts. So criticisms are remembered better than praises. It is often assumed that negative feedback is true and praises are all advertisements. The news media knows this only too well and they are quick to expound on this unsuccessful and tragic results while holding back stories that deal with victorious feats or happy endings to non-prime time schedules. They feed on the viewers' fixation on the sad and the tragic to motivate some response but relegate the positive stories as second fiddle because they will soon be forgotten.

This works the same for all these accounts of praises and criticisms regarding Lasik.

The following is a testimonial excerpt from the Diary of a Lasik patient, found at

"Let me tell you though, the best part of my day? The one thing that I will never forget? I heard my wife’s car in the driveway as she drove up to pick me up, and then something wonderful happened. When the door opened, my wife walked in and I could see her! No glasses, no squinting… my beautiful wife. I could see her smiling face, her beautiful eyes... the love of my life. I don't think she realizes how much I have wanted to do this Laser surgery. I love her with all my heart. She is so beautiful. I am so happy she was one of the beautiful things I was able to see on the first day with my new eyes. I drove us home that evening... without glasses. "

The above excerpt was so awe inspiring and could move an unjaded reader to tears.

Now here is another excerpt from am unsatisfied client found at the SurgicalEyes site on their bulletin board:

"I had Lasik surgery on July 20, 2000. with enhancement October 26, 2000. Not a day goes by that I don’t blame myself for the temporary insanity I must have experienced when I decided to go ahead with the surgery. At all other times I am very cautious about my health, eat right, don’t take medications and I exercise regularly. How could I have done this to myself? I trusted the surgeon to give me the facts, all the facts, and he didn’t, in fact, he lied by omission.

"The complications I’m living with today: induced astigmatism in my left eye, starbursts, 1¾ lights, unpredictable fluctuation vision, dry eyes, foreign body sensation, floaters in both eyes (which I only very seldom experienced in my right eye before surgery), eye pain, eyes tiring easily when reading and working on the computer, right eye constantly shadowing (I have to turn my head to make the shadows go away). I had none of these symptoms before surgery."

In reality, this is a story of a Lasik procedure gone bad and may not be as emotionally moving as the other testimonial. But the negative excerpt brings about a stronger emotion, which could be fear and anger.

Testimonials are necessary but so are the negative feedbacks. When taken together, you will be able to see the whole picture.


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