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Lasik Eye Surgery – Working out the Cost Factor

For many people opting for Lasik treatment, cost might be an influencing factor in deciding about the treatment. The procedure is quite pricey and cannot be afforded easily by everybody. Also, as the procedure is classified as elective, most of the insurance plans do not provide any coverage for Lasik treatment. But, there are ways to go about with managing the expenses for Lasik treatment, even for people who have a limitation of budget.

The thought of not having to wear glasses or contact lens is what draws many a person to take up Lasik. Also, the procedure is highly accurate and is personalized to each and every patient. Many people have quick results and improvements in their vision after the procedure. Even though Lasik might not eradicate the necessity of wearing contacts or glasses in every case, it will still help in bringing an improvement in the prescription.

Lasik is not covered by a majority of the insurance companies unless you have an expanded plan that includes treatment like Lasik. There is also some mutual understanding between some companies with some centers offering Lasik treatment to undertake the procedure at lower costs.

If you do not have an expanded plan that covers Lasik treatment, there are still many choices that you can make to reduce the expenses and to take up the procedure. There are many centers offering Lasik who give different paying options and some with choices for finance. People opting for the procedure have various means by which they can ascertain the choices they have towards payment.

It is usually very enticing to just search out for the person who charges the least for the surgery and consult such a doctor. This is not the right way to go as the doctor you might be approaching may have lesser experience or is possibly not equipped with the latest technology. So, it always better to look for someone who has lots of experience in the field to improve the chances of getting a very good result from the surgery.

A cost factor you will have to look at while choosing your doctor is to know the costs that you will incur if a second surgery (enhancement) is needed after the first. The charges for the enhancement are different from one clinic to the other. Some doctors do the surgery at no extra cost if enhancement is required within a stipulated time after the first surgical procedure while others might charge a fee lesser than the first surgery. Yet, there are others who might ask you to pay the same amount as the first surgery. Therefore, it is very vital to have this information beforehand as many people might need enhancement at a later date.

Another thing to bear in mind is to enquire what the quoted price for the surgery covers. Check if the cost projected includes the cost of consultations before and after the surgery, evaluations and medications in addition to the cost of the surgery. Also, check if it includes the cost of enhancement surgery, if necessary. Knowing this beforehand can make you prepared and see if you can afford it especially if your budget is limited.

Even though most doctors include this and provide the price as a package deal, it is best to be careful and enquire beforehand rather than fall it to unexpected surprises later.
Check for centers that provide finance options to pay for the treatment. This is a good way to go if you are trying to manage the treatment expenses on a limited budget. Many centers are now providing some such options to help patients pay for the procedure. Some centers might provide information on certain banks that can help out in providing the financing. Some centers provide the option of paying for the procedure in divided installments making it easy for the patient.

Another route to take is the option of flex-spending accounts. These accounts are provided by your employer by which you can generate some money to spend for such treatments. These accounts are also referred to as cafeteria plans. In such accounts, money is accumulated by diverting a portion of your salary to the account on a regular basis. The money saved is used for treatments like Lasik that are not covered by regular insurance plans. Check with your employer if you have such an option so that it will help you meet the expenses of treatment. Based on the amount you have in the account, you can reduce the amount that you need to arrange for the entire treatment.

Another option available to some people is to deduct the cost from the income tax. In some cases, the costs of the entire procedure can be deducted from the person’s federal income tax. You can ascertain whether you are eligible to make such a health claim by checking with your tax accountant who will be able to guide you much better in this matter.


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