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Is Insurance Coverage available for Lasik?

Lasik surgery is a wonderful corrective technique for people to reduce vision problems and get better eyesight. The wonder of this procedure is that it is very simple and quick and healing is also quite fast. The procedure is conducted on an outpatient basis and the patient can return home the same day although some restrictions on certain activities are advised. But, the procedure is quite expensive and can be different from one professional to the other and is also dependent on the status of the problem. The added hitch is that the procedure is not covered through insurance as the procedure is classified as an elective procedure.

But, still it is best to look into the insurance policy you have and to check with the insurance company whether the treatment is covered under your policy. Usually, most insurance policies consider Lasik as elective and will not provide any coverage. Sometimes, your employer might have a special package for reimbursing the costs incurred for Lasik treatment. With such a package there are chances that you might even receive some rebate on the charges collected for the procedure.

There are some companies that have now expanded their coverage for vision. Earlier, only some parts of treatment like examination of the eyes, contact lenses and eye glasses were covered by the insurance. These now have been extended to include procedures like Lasik. These extended plans might not pay the entire expenses incurred for Lasik but generally pays out a part or a half of the expense. So, it is better to check with your insurance company whether your plan includes Lasik treatment.

Before deciding on a Lasik clinic, it is best to look into the pricing options and what are included with the quoted price. This is necessary because many a person has been fooled by ads quoting lower prices which actually do not include the charges for the entire treatment. Also, the price quoted might be applicable to a person who needs only a minor degree of correction and it may not be valid for your treatment.

On an average, the expenses for the surgery come up to around $2000. It might even cost more or lesser. Some doctors might also charge lesser. These doctors might not have adequate experience and it is best not to opt for a doctor looking only at the charges for the treatment. Also, such doctors who charge less may not be utilizing the latest advance in the procedure.

Prior to getting Lasik done it is best to check out what the implications in terms of finances will come up to. In certain countries, the surgery is covered by insurance plans even though the treatment is thought out to be elective. However, in America and Canada, most insurance companies do not cover the charges incurred to undertake Lasik unless you are covered by an extended plan that includes Lasik treatment.

A good route to take to help you meet the expenses for Lasik treatment is a flexible spending account. These are usually provided by your employer. The money that you put aside with these accounts can be utilized for such procedures that do not come under your insurance plan.

So, if you have good amount of money kept aside in the account the expenses for your surgery can be easily met. But, if there is not enough money in this account, you can use what is available to cover as much of the cost as possible. If you are opting for this route for payments, it is essential to inform the clinic prior to the surgery as there might be some paper work that needs to be completed before you can go ahead. There is also a possibility that you can deduct the expenses from federal income tax. So, you can try checking with your accountant to see if such an option is open for you.

In almost all cases, the expenses of the Lasik treatment needs to be borne by the individual although it might be partially covered if the person has expanded vision plan. Even though the procedure is quite expensive, you can opt for several methods to reduce your burden. Also, there are many means to get financial help to pay for expenses. Discuss with your Lasik doctor and get to know how best to work out a good option for payment that will not burden you too much.



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