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Lasik Eye Surgery – The Importance of Healing

Here is the scenario. You did quite a lot of research on Lasik and other related information. You again performed quite a bit of research and contacting other people who have had the surgery to choose the appropriate doctor. You had all the preliminary evaluations and followed instructions to the minutest detail after which, you got the Lasik procedure done. So, what comes in after this? The next step after the surgery is the healing.

Even though healing differs from person to person, a vast majority of people have a rapid and trouble-free recuperation after the procedure. The usual phenomenon seen is that the person is able to see much better after a good night’s sleep following the procedure. But, it is essential to carefully follow the instruction given. This can actually matter a lot and can affect the actual outcome following the procedure.

After the surgery, you might be advised to take some rest in the clinic and then you will be sent home and asked to take rest. So, it is best to take the help of someone to get you back home. The doctor might ask you to wear a protective eye shield when going out in the sun and to protect the eye while healing takes place. So, it is essential to leave this shield in place until you receive permission from your doctor to take them off. Just follow the instructions given as it could really affect the results you can get from the procedure.

There might be some pain once the procedure is through. This can be relieved by using an analgesic like acetaminophen or naproxen sodium. Avoid taking any aspirin unless you have consulted your doctor to alleviate your pain as this could be very dangerous. Aspirin has a thinning effect on blood that can increase bleeding in the eye. Also, there may be an itchy feeling in your eyes that will make you want to rub or scratch. But, refrain from doing so as this could displace the flap that was reflected during the surgery and can cause you to go blind. So, it is very important to avoid scratching and rubbing the eyes after the procedure. There might also be some sensitivity when exposed to light but this is usually temporary and disappears by itself after a few days.

Even though several who undergo the procedure do not take off from work, you might be advised to avoid going to work. This is to avoid stress and physical strain of any sort. Also, you will be asked to avoid doing workouts and exercises. If your job involves physical strain or exposure to dust, it is best to stay away from work until good healing takes place.

If you are involved with any kind of sporting activity, especially contact sports you might be asked to abstain for many weeks. This is to see to it that there is no damage to the eye and healing takes place smoothly. You also need to ensure that there is no accidental contact with the eye or getting poked. This can damage the eye and can lead to serious complications.

You will be asked to make follow up visits at regular intervals to ensure that proper healing is taking place and there are no complications affecting the results. In the initial six months following the procedure, there might be some fluctuations in the vision before it actually becomes stabilized. There may be incidents of dry eye and the doctor might prescribe some drops to counter it. This is usually because the tear ducts might take some time to adjust to the shape changes that have been created during the surgery and it requires special drops to keep the eye moist. If you have any signs of irritation or blurring of your vision, you need to consult your doctor. It is essential not to delay consultation as this may have a bearing on the results. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any trouble. The initial six months are very crucial for healing and you need to take care during this period.

Even though the results of Lasik stay permanent, age related changes might require you to again wear glasses for reading. This age related change is not correctible as of yet by Lasik. Lasik is definitely an amazing and wonderful technology that has helped improved the lives of many.

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