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Lasik Eye Surgeon – How to Find the Best One

If you are contemplating getting Lasik corrective eye surgery, it is not only necessary to learn completely about what the surgery is about, you also need to know the advantages and the risks involved in addition to facing up with finding the right surgeon. There are many people who offer the services of Lasik but you need to find one who is totally updated about the latest advances and has enough amount of experience in the field.

With so many professionals and different techniques of performing the procedure, selecting the right Lasik surgeon can be a daunting task. You can take advice from your regular eye doctor to help you out before you consult with a specialist. This will enlighten you more regarding the specialists offering the services in your locality. It is best not to communicate initially over the phone with the Lasik eye doctor or to opt for one on the basis of the charges. It is always best to go with the most experienced.

Even though there is no sure method to help you choose the best doctor, it is best to follow some principles to help you in your search.

You should ensure that the doctor who is involved with the consultations and evaluations should be the one who is going to do the surgery. This is not followed by many busy practices where you will not come face-to-face with the actual surgeon till the day of surgery. It is best to avoid these kinds of practices. The best way to go is to have the surgeon doing the consultations, evaluations and the surgery. This will ensure that the doctor knows everything about your background, your previous history and the vision problems you are facing and reduces undue risks and improves the results.

Look at a doctor who has handles only Lasik treatments. There are many doctors that perform many procedures but may not have a specialization in Lasik. So, look out for this background while choosing your surgeon as such a person will definitely have better knowledge about the procedure and the latest advances in the field. Even a doctor who has not totally specialized in this field might still give good results, but it is better if you opt for one who has a specialty. Also, look for a doctor who has had good experience in this field and has done many number of Lasik surgeries before. Experience is a good hand to hold in making your procedure much safer and if you have any doubts you can ask the doctor regarding the experience in the field.

If you have approached a good doctor, he/she will definitely tell you more about the procedure and the probable risks and complications involved with the procedure. Even though the procedure has helped many without developing any risk or complication, like in any other surgery, there are certain risks and complications involved. Also, it is best not to have over expectations regarding the outcome and if the doctor promises results too-good-to-be-true it is best to look for someone else. A good doctor will make you aware that there are complications that you may develop that could probably increase your troubles.

Also, do not approach the centers that are pushing their services hard through advertising. You too might have come across such ads that promise magical results but the actuality might not be the case. You might end up with people who are not able to deliver individual care and attention as such doctors, though experienced, might be very busy to tend to you and give you personalized care.

It is also best not to choose a doctor depending on the charges the doctor is expecting to provide the treatment. Even though pricing is important and the procedure is quite an expensive affair, your sight is much more important. Also, if you come across ads with charges that are unbelievable, you might not be seeing the total picture over here. There may be certain other charges which might not be mentioned. What you see might not be what you get. So, it is best to choose a doctor on the experience rather than the money you are being charged.

It is also best to look at doctors in your locality. Though this might not be an important factor for many, it is still something to look at. This is because you need to have consultations before and after the surgery in addition to commuting to and from the center on the day of the surgery. With your Lasik center being located close by, it is always a matter of convenience.


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