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Lasik Surgery – Facing it without Fear

Are you one of them who just want to quit wearing contacts or eyeglasses? Are you one who is constantly bothered by the scratches on the eyeglasses you wear? Are you one who hates putting in and removing contacts everyday? Have you had a history of losing your glasses that makes it necessary to put a chain around it to avoid this problem? Are you one who needs glasses or contacts to see clearly? If any of the answers to these questions were positive, it is best to look at some choices that you probably have and have not looked at that will help you get rid of your contacts or glasses. The answer lies in the amazing and marvelous corrective surgery for the eyes known as Lasik. Lasik has done wonders to improve and correct vision problems in many.

But, many are just scared at the thought of having surgery, and when it comes to the eye it is even scarier. The thought of having a doctor operate upon the eye and the possibility of risk of blindness might plague many a strong person. One way to overcome such fears is to research and learn as much as possible about the procedure. If you are still not been able to get rid of your fears, it is best to consult with a clinical psychologist to help you out.

A good method to get rid of the fear is to actually visualize the surgery happening. Many doctors might allow you to witness a surgery if the patient gives consent or you might ask the doctor to show you a video of a surgery being performed. When you happen to witness this kind of surgery, it will help in answering many lingering doubts in your mind and you will be able to observe that the procedure is quite simple, short and absolutely painless.

This will surely help in eradicating your fears. If you have the opportunity of witnessing the live surgery, you can ask the patient who is getting the operation whether it was a comfortable and painless procedure. When you get firsthand information about the procedure, you will definitely be more confident to face the surgery and to overcome any lingering doubts about the procedure. When you know adequately about the procedure and you get to gain more information from a live source that has already experienced the surgery, it will help you in being better informed and ease you mind about any fears that you might have had previously.

If these methods have not been able to eliminate your lingering doubts and fear about the procedure, it is best to look at professional help and seek counseling. Visiting a good clinical psychologist is a good way to help overcome fears about the surgery. The psychologist may use different approaches like visual aids or hypnotic methods to help you. With the help o f a trained psychologist you should be able to face the surgery really quick. If the services of a psychologist is out of bounds for you, there are other methods you can try to overcome your fears. One good way to go is to meditate.

Meditation is a real stress buster and help in keeping your mind in a calm state. It is also a good way to relax and overcome your fears. But, you need to know how to do it right to help you out. You can research more about meditation on various sources online or you can try out books like “Meditation for Dummies” that is a good source to help you out.

All the above described methods are really effective means to get rid of your fears. It is definite that one of these will surely help you out in eradicating your fears or you might even try out a combination of these methods. It is up to you to help yourself and with a will to do it you will surely succeed. It all depends on how desperate you are to get this surgery done and your will power to accomplish it. When you are able to get rid of your fears and face up to having the surgery, you will definitely feel proud that you did it. After all, you are fighting with the goal of trying to eradicate wearing glasses or contacts and when you achieve this, it will really make you feel it was worth the trouble.

Remember, beyond your fears is the benefit of not having to wear glasses or contacts. With this thought in mind, you will definitely find enough inspiration to try and overcome your fears and get the surgery done.


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