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Lasik Surgeons at Teaching Hospitals – Are they the Best

Lasik eye specialists at teaching hospitals have an advantage over the rest of the group. They have many factors that give them the extra boost.

  • Experience
  • Information
  • Status

When you have to go in for any kind of surgery, it is your body that you are trying to put at risk. For this reason, you would want to get it done with someone you can put your trust into. In such a case, would you go to someone who has no experience in the field or one with loads of experience? The best person to approach in such instances is a teacher of the skill who will have lot of experience to their credit. This is true in the case of Lasik treatment too. Usually, professors at teaching hospitals will have completed many surgeries and have lot of experience.

This backing of good amount of experience will help if you need to put your trust in someone. This is definitely the logical way to go. The person who teaches others how things are done should have good amount of experience to transfer their knowledge to novices in the field. So, even though cost factor might be a little higher it is best to bet on a person with lot of experience rather than risking your eyes with a novice.

Another advantage that Lasik eye doctors at teaching hospitals have is that their information about the latest advances in the field will be current and up to date. That goes to say that they will be following the best and most advanced technology and not following some age old methods. The newer methods will generally have more precision and better results and healing. Also, knowing about all the newest methods helps in providing more options to the patient. When you visit a surgeon for Lasik the doctor will usually provide you the choices you can opt for the surgical method.

A surgeon who has kept up with the advances in technology will be able to provide better number of options for treatment. A doctor who provides you good number of options might fall into the zone of being competent. Also, the doctor should be able to provide satisfactory answers to any questions you might pose. For this reason, it is best you learn about the procedure well before you visit the doctor so that you can ask up the right information about the procedure and also weigh the abilities of the doctor. If the doctor is well versed with the latest trends in technology, he/ she should be able to answer to your questions with ease. The doctor should provide with the list of options available to you and advise you about what method will be the best for you to help in improving your vision.

Status is another quality that Lasik specialists at teaching hospitals will have that provides an advantage over others in the field. They will have a good track record that can be ascertained by one and all. A professor at a teaching hospital generally will qualify as a good surgeon. Prior to approaching the doctor, it is best to learn more about the person and find out how many previous surgeries he/she has to their credit. Check if you will be able to talk to any of the patients who have got a surgery done from this particular doctor. If that is possible, ask as many questions as is possible to ascertain everything went right with them.

Lasik specialists at teaching hospitals have added advantages over others in the field, but there are others who are equally good. Just do enough research and you will be able to locate the ideal doctor to operate on your eyes. The most important thing is trust. If you are not at ease with the doctor for any reason, check for someone else. Do not decide on a doctor based on the price that they charge for the treatment. Do not place your eyes at risk by trying to save a little money. Monetary loss can be compensated, not the loss of sight.

But, at the same time ensure that the money you are spending is put on a person who has good amount of experience, is well-informed and has the right standing in terms of the number of surgeries he/she has conducted. If all your expectations in this regard are fulfilled, opt for the doctor you have chosen to do the surgery and you have improved the chances of getting a good result from the surgery. Do not hesitate to ask whatever doubts that crop up in your mind. Remember, it is your eyes that you are putting at risk. You are taking a surgery and it is best not to just jump into it.


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