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The Answers to the FAQ’s of Lasik Eye Surgery

People suffering from minor to medium vision problems can gain advantage from the advance technology offered by Lasik eyesight correction procedure. Lasik is a very convenient procedure that involves very little time and no pain. Still, risks of complications are not totally absent. If you are considering this treatment, it will be prudent to know what all that there is to know about this procedure, such as the necessary preparations that should be done before the surgery and what to expect after the procedure. It will also be advisable to manage your expectations concerning the results.

Nearly all reputable Lasik doctors will discuss with you and thoroughly make clear the pre-op and post-of matters. Generally, patients are expected to have lots of questions running through their minds about the Lasik procedure. Following is a rundown of the most frequently asked questions about Lasik surgery:

Am I qualified to undergo Lasik surgery?

Your qualification for this procedure will depend on many aspects. On your first appointment with your eye doctor, he/she will ask you many questions and get an account of your medical problems, if any. More importantly, your current eye condition and the record of your eyesight problems will be the major factor to consider qualifying for this procedure. For people suffering from certain illnesses such as autoimmune diseases and diabetes, Lasik is not advisable. People below 18 are not recommended to have Lasik also. Some degenerative eye disease could disqualify you from the procedure. The Lasik surgeon will base his decision using this information. Those who are regarded as not good candidates for the Lasik surgery will not have successful results.

Can I absolutely do away with using eye glasses and contact lenses after the Lasik procedure?

The answer is “maybe”. Generally, despite having the surgery, the patient will still have to use glasses or contacts. However, this does indicate that the procedure was unsuccessful. This is an expected result. Lasik does not guarantee the complete correction of vision problems. It is employed to improve the current condition of the eyesight. Those who go through surgery expecting unrealistic results should no undergo the procedure.

Will there be possible complications after having the Lasik surgery?

Yes. Just like all surgical procedures, the Lasik involves some risks. Generally, patients people who underwent had the surgery did not experience any side effects. Still, there are others who do. The most commonly experienced side effect is reduced vision in low light. The patient might see presences of halos around lighted objects at night. After several days, the side effects of the Lasik surgery will pass. On the very rare occasions, some complications arise for an extended period. For some their eyesight turns for the worse after the procedure.

Is the surgery painful?

For most patients the Lasik surgery is quite painless and quick. Operation for each eye takes several minutes. The eye is anesthetized using eye drops and the patient stays awake during the entire procedure. For those who could feel queasy about the procedure, a mild sedative could be given. This is an out-patient procedure and most patients can leave the clinic after the procedure.

Do I have to take a vacation from work after the surgery?

Yes, generally, patients need to file for a leave of absence from their jobs after the surgery. Length of requested time off can vary depending on the kind of work that the patient does. Most patients need about several days, especially for jobs that are deskbound. It is a must to relax the eyes after surgery as work entailing much use of the computer may give considerable post-op discomfort. Ask for your doctor’s recommendation as to how much time you need before you can go work again.

How much will I spend for the whole surgery package?

The cost of the Lasik procedure will greatly depend on your location, the severity of the eye defect and the method of surgery that will be used. Having a severe vision problem would of course entail more cost. Normally, the Lasik procedure cost would come to about $2,000.00.

Will my insurance pay for the Lasik cost?

Generally, insurance plans do not cover Lasik vision correction as it is deemed elective by the patient. However, a number of insurance coverages have riders for eye care plans that could help pay for the cost of a Lasik procedure. If your insurance plan does not have this kind of coverage, you can ask your employer. Some companies have some kind of arrangement with specific clinics for Lasik. Sometimes, your cafeteria plan can be used to finance the Lasik procedure.



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