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Some Don’t’s After Lasik Eye Surgery

Many people opt for Lasik surgery for vision correction owing to many causes. People involved in various physical activities find the necessity of wearing glasses very cumbersome. This along with vision improvements makes Lasik procedure very tempting to such people. Lasik therefore has become a very popular corrective eye surgery these days. Although it carries the risk of complications, it has been quite successful in a vast majority of patients. There are some specific don’ts that need to be followed to have good results out of the treatment.

After having decided to go for Lasik, you will need to confer with the eye care specialist about several dos and don’ts prior to and after the surgery. Some of the don’ts after the surgery include limitations on driving, going to work, abstaining from physical activities and sports, etc. You may also be advised not to wear make up before the surgery and to keep up appointments prior to and following the surgery.

Limitations on Driving: It is best advised not to take up driving for at least three days following the procedure. This may increase if the healing is slow. Some patients might be specially advised not to drive during the night if they have problems with night vision. Patients undergoing Lasik usually experience an increased sensitivity to light for which they will be advised to wear dark glasses during the day time. You will usually be advised to refrain from going to work for a few days after the procedure. All these are very vital to be carefully followed as advised to permit proper healing to occur.

Post operative check ups: You will be asked to make follow up visits to the eye care specialist at regular intervals after the procedure has been completed. The usual timetable that is followed is visits after a week, a month and three months after the procedure. These follow up visits will help in ascertaining that good healing is taking place and no complications are present that is affecting the outcome of the procedure.

Limitations on Make up: Most specialists performing Lasik will advise to avoid using make up much prior to the surgery. There should be no trace of any make up which includes the use of creams, lotions, lipsticks, etc on the stipulated day of the procedure. For this reason, the doctor will advise not to use any such make up three days prior to the day the surgery is fixed. The same holds good after the procedure is done. Usually, the specialist will advise to refrain from using any form of make up for two days after the surgery. After two days, make up except for the eyes is allowed. Depending on the healing, the doctor might permit the use of eye make up one week after the procedure or later, if necessary. This is very vital to be carefully followed as make up can enter the eye and pose the risk of causing infections and may even harm the eye. The other risk involved is the chances of causing injury while applying eye make up. Patients are also advised not to shower for two days following which it can be taken but without the use of soap on the face.

Avoid eye contact: The Lasik surgeon will advise you not to touch the eye following the procedure. The only thing that needs to contact the eye is the drops that are provided to be put in at regular intervals. The patient will also be advised to wear an eye shield especially while going to sleep. This will prevent any contact with the eye while you are asleep. Any contact with the eye can allow the entry of contaminants that can give rise to infections and be detrimental to healing as well as the results of the procedure.

Avoiding physical and active sporting activities: The patient is advised not to involve in any physical activity for two days after the procedure, following which some normal day-to-day activities can be resumed. The patient is advised to wear dark glasses while going out. Golfing and some light work outs are permitted a day after the procedure. If you need to read, watch the television or use the computer, it can be done after a day but care must be exercised to keep the eye moist using the drops provided. Activities like playing with your children, having sex, etc are allowed three days after the procedure with proper care taken to protect the eye from any accidental touching or poking. More laborious physical activities like riding, weight training, jogging, etc can be started back after a week. If you are into extreme sports, it is best to ask advice and permission from the eye care specialist before resuming these activities although the usual time limitation may stretch to a period of around 3 months following the procedure.


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