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Limit your Expectations of Lasik

Ads related to Lasik promise better and clear eyesight. Many people who opt for Lasik suppose that they will not require any eyeglasses or contacts after the procedure. Although many people have betterment of vision after undergoing Lasik, there are few who do not. Also, it is quite common for people undergoing Lasik to still wear contacts or eyeglasses after the procedure. There are still a few who may have a deterioration of vision after the procedure. So, it is advised not to have too many expectations out of Lasik if you have decided to undergo the surgery.

Lasik has helped several patients. Many people who have had the procedure have seen better vision of around 20/40. But, this is not a norm for every case. So, before you get the procedure done, it is best to read up as much as possible about Lasik and also raise questions to the professionals and set sensible expectations.

Statistics available about Lasik however is quite good. A particular study has shown a high 94 percent of people who have undergone the surgery being content with the results and having got around 20/20 vision after the procedure. This study has also noted that patients who had the procedure were ready to recommend the same to others.

Another result noted is that 25 percent of patients who experienced some issues could have obtained a better result if their knowledge about the procedure was a little more than what it was. One negative report was that Lasik was not helpful in patients who were either far sighted or near sighted and were above 40 years of age. 25 percent of people who gave negative reports about the procedure were unhappy about night vision which actually became better a few months after the procedure.

Although Lasik is a relatively simple procedure and is done to several people, there are certain things you need to comprehend before going for the procedure. Many a times, some patients going for surgery think that the time need to recuperate after the procedure is just a few hours. Even though the time needed to recover is quite less, it is definitely not possible in a few hours. Driving is best avoided for a week following the procedure. You will also be told to stay away from working for at least four days. Lasik is usually a painless process, but some do feel like scratching the eye for a few days after the procedure.

One important thing to remember is any patient undergoing Lasik must have proper care after the procedure. For this the patient must make it a point to ask for follow up visits and meet up with the doctors for check ups and assessment post-operatively. In order to get the best results from the procedure, the patient should follow all instructions given to the point. These might include the use of medications like eye drops to limiting certain other things like makeup and sporting activities for a couple of days after the procedure.

For anyone who does not comprehend the risks and has too much expectation out of the procedure, it is best advised that they should not go for the surgery. So, while deciding on Lasik, first weigh whether the procedure is apt for you or not. It is often seen that people with poor results were not considered right candidates for the procedure at the onset. It is advisable to provide your complete medical and eye history to the eye professional. This by itself can have a bearing on your result from the procedure.

Lasik is not advisable to every person owing to many reasons. Many people have some other systemic conditions that can affect the results from the procedure. One such example is a pregnant woman going in for the procedure may not have a very good result. This is due to the variations in the levels of hormones during pregnancy and even during nursing which can have some effect on the final outcome. Lasik is best avoided in such situations. Even people with other systemic conditions like diabetes or viral infections like hepatitis are not good candidates for Lasik and the procedure is best not done.

However, there are several people who can get full advantage of going in for the procedure. It is best recommended to have practical expectations regarding the outcome. It should be remembered that it is not a miracle cure to your sight problems. Lasik is intended to provide you with better vision. So, if you are thinking about going in for Lasik, it is best if you see an eye professional today who will help you evaluate whether Lasik is good for you.



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